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"haha i don’t care" 

*goes home and cries*

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I recently just hit 800 followers and thought to do a little something involving art. :) 

The Prize: I will draw a thing of your choice, whether it be a Chibi, a single character etc. (Though preferably with fandoms I am comfortable with.)

How to Enter:

  1. You must be following Me.
  2. Reblog to your hearts content, likes do not count.
  3. I will be using a random generator to choose the winner to be fair to everyone.
  4. It will close October 30th.
  5. The winner will be announced several days after, I will contact you.

If this gets over a certain amount of notes I will include more winners.

Good Luck and thank you so much for following me!!! :)

If this gets over 60 notes I’ll add another winner :)





"It’s just a prank, calm down!"

When did harassing women become a prank? You can clearly see that this girl is trying to laugh it off even though she’s uncomfortable with it, and that is not okay. If I’m a feminazi for pointing this out, then so be it, I’m not going to tolerate this shit.

I would have grabbed that ponytail and ripped his hair right off his ugly head 

Me too, OMG I would have punched his fucking nasal bone up into his brain.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures #7



ATTENTION: if you see a post like this, IT IS A SCREAMER. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.

The screamer includes a black and white flashy gif maximized to fit your browser and a very loud piercing screech noise. If in any way this can trigger you, please be aware and reblog to signal boost.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures #7





1. 900000000% sure He’s made this face about nine million times.

2. this is easily fixed by making his face about 25-30% longer.  everything will fit.

His majesticness has been restored! 





Pastel blue is soooo pretty

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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Everyone who suffers from social anxiety needs a friend who will

  1. help them order food when it’s too scary
  2. walk with them through crowded places
  3. help them laugh it off when they make a mistake
  4. not get tired of answering “no, you’re not annoying, silly goose! You’re adorable and I love you” no matter how many times it’s needed

and if you’re that friend, bless u for being fab <3

yes pls

people really  need to learn about  the food thing.

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One of my favorite things about Hermione is how ruthlessly practical she is.  She’s scary because not only is she book smart; she can take in disparate pieces of information and triage the ever loving shit out of that.  Piece X and piece F go together so resolution M.  And her mind is quick enough that she makes those choices in seconds.  Well-informed choices that also combine instinct.   For as much as she’s a bookworm who overthinks things, it’s because she has too much time on her hands to overthink things.  Basically, Hermione is built for war.  She’s built for conflict and strategy.

Does she always make the “right” or the “good” choices?  No.  No, she doesn’t.  She pulls some truly horrific shit, but out of all of the kids, she’s got the ability to see the breadth that the others don’t.  That they shouldn’t.  And for all that she does have the ability to see the true size of the fuckery that is going on, she’s also still a child.  So she fucks up and learns.  And for as horrific as what she did to her parents is - because oh my god - this war is not one they could even comprehend let alone participate in.  And I do think it’s a discredit to Hermione to think that she doesn’t get how awful the thing she did is.  She knows and she did it anyway because above all else, she wanted them alive to a.) hate her or b.) never knew she existed.

Hermione is a General by the end of this.  And the most amazing and horrific thing about that is that she’ll have to deal with the consequences of the choices she made.  She was smart enough to know that, going in.  So the fact that she walked into this, eyes open, with a truly strong grasp of what actually was going to happen, rather than rose glasses, makes her all the more amazing to me.

(ETA: Even though I don’t condone physical violence, one of my favorite moments is Hermione hitting Harry over the head with the parchment.  Because he’s all “I should totally hit it with that fangirl cuz!” and she’s all a.) stop thinking you’re that special, I’ve met you and b.) you don’t treat women like that, even though they think they want you to.  Be the better person, Potter.  She achieves this with a whack to the head and a glare.  LOVE YOU HERMIONE.)

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me: it’s too hot

me: *opens window*

*in comes 20 flies, 8 spiders, 17 daddy long legs, 50 moths, 3 dragons and 12 Jehovah’s witnesses*

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Fili! And Kili!

At your service!

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More Than Blood - (Chapter 1 - 3 Art)

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